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The beginnings

IBITECH AG was founded in 1999. Having started with a small team, further highly motivated experts from the areas of IT Services and Software Services gradually joined the company. In the course of 20 years, IBITECH AG has secured a firm position in this market and is continually gaining further satisfied clients.

At present

For some years, IBITECH AG has been domiciled in Münchenstein, right in the north-west of Switzerland. Employing 35 associates at present, we continue setting standards in development, support and implementation thus substantiating our top position in this market with our health care products.

And tomorrow

Continually new requirements of our software products in an increasing market demand permanent adjustments, optimising and extensions. We will thus pursue our goal of developing and improving our products and keeping them on the highest level also in future. IT Services are changing substantially, too. Providing new offers, innovative concepts and sustaining client relations, we will offer the reliability our clients require also in future.

Philosophy and strategy

We are aware of the fact that we are one provider among many in a highly competitive market. Therefore, our concept is to provide genuine service to our customers. Apart from competence, innovative solutions and a very favourable price-performance ratio, three points are decisive for us:

Client orientation

Clients have the highest priority. IBITECH has pursued this goal since its foundation. You can ask any of our customers. And we will prove this to you in the execution of your orders.

Practical orientation

Actual practice often makes quite different demands than theoretical discussions indicate. For us, economic benefit, technical necessities and the general commercial setting are of prime importance.


Information Technology is surely an area in which decisive further and new developments make current knowledge obsolete in a very short period of time. Since know-how is one of our most important assets, we always endeavour being “up-to-date” – be it only for our own sake.



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The IBITECH team

The people who keep everything moving